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Earthquake Buddy

The first and revolutionary new app designed to save 1000s of lives in an earthquake. This is not a quake-chasing app! Earthquake Buddy is much more! This app will pin-point your location as soon as a 5.5+ earthquake strikes, and send an instant, geo-tagged mapped email to 4 chosen friends. If you live in a quake zone or have friends or family travelling through quake areas, Earthquake Buddy is a must-buy app. Using high-tech algorithms and by using community support and engagement, Earthquake Buddy helps find missing friends and loved-ones immediately after a quake.


What else does Earthquake Buddy do? No in-app purchases required. Once you install the app, you will be asked to enter details of 4 buddies who will receive an instant email showing your Google mapped position - as soon as a quake over 5.5 happens. Action is instantaneous and automatic. You need do nothing and the map is sent! You can also manually post to facebook and twitter as well.


Life Matters!


Endorsed by the Global Recovery Czar, Prof. Ed Blakely, (Hurricane Katrina, Haiti and Japan quake) to be the only app in the world that finds you after a quake hits.


Earthquake Buddy also allows you to record a special video/audio message to be sent to your loved ones should you not be found after a quake. It also includes tips in a quake and a bright torch to help guide you after a quake.



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