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Situational Awareness for Free

Intellicast HD

Directly from, one of the world's largest most trusted weather sites......


• NOWrad HD Radar; the most timely HIGH-DEFINITION interactive radar for the United States
 that also does real-time storm cell tracking and map based weather alerts.


• SkyTime; not just a movie, SkyTime displays the latest weather for any location using photo realistic clouds and particle animated precipitation. Watch the virtual raindrops and snowflakes splatter and accumulate on screen. If the snow becomes too deep just tilt the screen and watch it roll off!


• Push Alert Notification; get time critical National Weather Service warnings for the United States as push alerts, even when you’re not in the Intellicast HD app. NOTE; for a list of critical alerts please see the in-app help.


Intellicast HD raises the bar for interactive real-time weather applications. Whether you’re checking the forecast for the next 10 days, the next 24 hours, or tracking SEVERE storms in your area, Intellicast HD is the only app you need.



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