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Mobile Workforce Management for SM request for help "fulfilment"

Back in February 2011, I became aware of the second Christchurch New Zealand quake and found the announcement of a company I had never heard of before called GeoOp, to where the founder Nicholas Bartlett offered his mobile workforce management tool, at no cost to the students who were trying to assemble to assist the citizens requesting assistance. Since that point in time, after witnessing the incredible success that they had "you can view the article here" I began on the mission of how to duplicate that here in the United States. Also becoming aware of the incredible efforts of a nonprofit called HumanityRoad I worked with Mr. Bartlett and asked him that even though his company was a for-profit company would he support if I became a reseller in the United States,, may I offer the technology as he did for the student volunteer army in Christchurch at no cost to any disaster response to all nonprofit, emergency operations centers, faith-based organizations, NGOs and anyone else that would be pre-vetted, and his answer was an incredible yes. I am in the process right now of compiling very specific instructions on how to proactively set this up in your community, and start vetting the organizations who wish to use the tool at no cost for their communities. When you see what this tool is capable of, especially if you are from law enforcement, EOC, are an experienced emergency manager and understand ICS 700 or incident command you will be blown away at what this tool can provide especially when combined with support from organizations such as HumanityRoad, crisiscommons, standby task force, QuickNets groups, and a growing list of those who come together even from outside the area via the Internet, a full circle that augments any existing localized VOAD or COAD emergency management structure, the next generation "common ground", "common sense" platform was created. It works on smart phones from Apple and Android, and I am in the process of establishing templates for all of the states in the US, with Canada to follow, then Mexico, and I could use some assistance from you in your areas to help make this tool available at no cost to your citizens. I'm in the process of making a template specifically to address by getting input from you in the different areas within the country so we have this proactively set up with specific immediate use capability based upon the unique needs that are required based on what state and temperate zones and disasters you are faced with in your areas. Thank you for setting up this group, there are some great products listed in here, and I think that this complements them and unless I'm proven wrong, this is going to help assist a lot of people and hopefully assist in not only making sure requests get assigned to people that can provide fulfillment, but also create a "chain of custody" necessary especially for our government entity response friends. I anticipate a heavy response to this announcement, so please be patient with me as I do not have a staff as yet, but I will answer every single request for participation I receive. My Email My Skype ID: anti-terror my phone 425-329-3408 thank you! ~Steve



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