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Visual 911+ (email & tweet alert status with GPS)

The free Visual 911+ app does several things when a disaster strikes.


Hurricane Harvey had many lessons learned, two follow:

1. Not every city or area can or will be evacuated even with prior notice of an approaching disaster.

2. Texas responder asked survivors to hang towels and/or shirts on their doors and windows to help identify people were in the building. This establishes there is a need to go one step beyond the "Alert", and provide a method for communicating survivors locations, conditions, and group make ups even when networks are down.


When networks are down, the Visual 911+ app at minimum turns your screen into a visual signaling device. An update to SOS has been proposed. SOS was established aprox in 1905, we are in 2018 and almost everyone carries at least one device with an illuminated screen. Making this system practical to deploy.


The visual signaling system follows, red = children, green = special needs, blue = adults, yellow = service animals/pets, white = catch all. A steady signal = I"m here, & OK, a flashing signal = I"m here, need medical assistance.


If networks are up and running, the free Visual 911+ app not only turns your screen into a visual signaling device but it also transmits an email to lifelines (family/friends entered when setting up the app) letting them know you are in "Alert" status, the email includes a link to Google maps showing your general GPS location, and the instructions to zone in by searching for the illuminated signal coming from your screen.


The Visual 911+ app recently added a tweet feature that allows you to add any emergency hashtag that may be set up, for example "#SOSHARVEY" during Harvey, to a pre-populated message that includes your GPS location and alert status.


Updating SOS is ranked #1 at DHS's, National Conversation regarding the responder of the future, see


Download the free Visual 911+ today and make it part of your family and friends emergency communications plan. This coming Texas legislative session will have a bill to officially have the first State to recognize the 21st Century SOS signaling system. Let's go one step beyond the "Alert", and provide a recognized, and easy way to visually communicate with responders even when networks are not working.


One novel use by a SAR team follows:

1. All team members download the free Visual 911+ app.

2. All team members have their team leaders email entered as a lifeline.

3. Team leader orders everyone to check in by hitting the "I'm Safe" selection every hour on the hour. Team leader now gets check in with status and GPS locations for all the team members.

4. If a team member needs help he can activate the app to "Need assistance" and the team leader and others are almost instantly notified of the alert and the general GPS location.


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