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f-Ready App, alert 3 FB friends of predisaster GPS location & si

“f-Ready” is an Iphone application originally designed and entered into the Health & Human Services APSR Lifeline Facebook Application Challenge. When an emergency alert is issued (Hurricane, Tornado, Flashflood, etc…) the wearer activates the application and selects the appropriate pre-disaster selection (Child, Woman, Man, Pet). The app then sends the users GPS location and alert status to three preselected facebook friends advising them of the user’s location prior to the disaster striking, it further illuminates the phone screen to the appropriate “Disaster ID” color (Children –solid red, Women-solid green, Men-solid Blue, Pets-solid Yellow) giving first responders a visual signal to look for. The system works like this:

1. Weather Alert is issued.

2. Citizens in effected area prepare as they normally do in case they cannot evacuate but add on step. Tag themselves with the illuminated tags (lights) using the “Disaster ID” color coded system. If there is not enough time to get home and prepare then use the f-Ready app to signal three facebook friends of their location and alert status prior to the disaster striking. Besides sending the GPS location and alert message the f-Ready app illuminates the phone screen to the selected Disaster ID setting.

3. The disaster strikes and passes.

4. Survivors switch their illuminated displays to a flashing selection to indicate their survival and location. If using the f=Ready app the user changes the app from pre-disaster to survivor mode and this does two things. First the phone screen starts to flash the color to visually indicate survival. Second if cellular towers are still working then the app transmits a new GPS location and message of survival to the same three facebook friends who had been alerted pre-disaster. If communication towers are out at least responders have the ability to know the last known location and can look for the flashing phone screen.


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