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Now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, this interactive application allows you to customize contact information for each incident for rapid on-scene communication, and provides detailed dynamic checklists that ensure that no detail is missed. The content is all-hazards, non-jurisdictional and discipline-specific, and includes responsibilities and rules for applying the Incident Command System (ICS).

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Response Ops for Free

Mobile Workforce Management for SM request for help "fulfilment"

Back in February 2011, I became aware of the second Christchurch New Zealand quake and found the announcement of a company I had never heard of before called GeoOp, to where the founder Nicholas Bartlett offered his mobile workforce management tool, at no cost to the students who were trying to assemble to assist the citizens requesting assistance. Since that point in time, after witnessing the incredible success that... more »


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Situational Awareness to Buy

VEOCI: Virtual EOC Interface

This is an all-in-one incident management tool. The cost is based on the seats in your EOC. This product is built for platform-use for entire teams to coordinate with responders in the field and support decision making in the EOC with real-time tight integration with communications systems.

The app is available as a mobile extension of the main product for use in the field. It exists for tablet and smartphone use... more »


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