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Personal Preparedness for Free

f-Ready App, alert 3 FB friends of predisaster GPS location & si

“f-Ready” is an Iphone application originally designed and entered into the Health & Human Services APSR Lifeline Facebook Application Challenge. When an emergency alert is issued (Hurricane, Tornado, Flashflood, etc…) the wearer activates the application and selects the appropriate pre-disaster selection (Child, Woman, Man, Pet). The app then sends the users GPS location and alert status to three preselected facebook... more »


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General Category for Free

SwipedOn - Access Management App

SwipedOn is a simple iPad app built to solve one problem. In an emergency, would you know who is at your workplace?

Employees, visitors and contractors register on/off the iPad.

In the event of an emergency, the iPad is picked up and everybody is checked off on the iPad (or direct printed list).

It is currently used in offices, factories, construction/engineering sites, boarding schools and even superyachts... more »


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Situational Awareness for Free

Visual 911+ (email & tweet alert status with GPS)

The free Visual 911+ app does several things when a disaster strikes.

Hurricane Harvey had many lessons learned, two follow:
1. Not every city or area can or will be evacuated even with prior notice of an approaching disaster.
2. Texas responder asked survivors to hang towels and/or shirts on their doors and windows to help identify people were in the building. This establishes there is a need to go one step beyond... more »


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