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Personal Preparedness for Free

f-Ready App, alert 3 FB friends of predisaster GPS location & si

“f-Ready” is an Iphone application originally designed and entered into the Health & Human Services APSR Lifeline Facebook Application Challenge. When an emergency alert is issued (Hurricane, Tornado, Flashflood, etc…) the wearer activates the application and selects the appropriate pre-disaster selection (Child, Woman, Man, Pet). The app then sends the users GPS location and alert status to three preselected facebook... more »


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Situational Awareness for Free

Visual 911+ (email & tweet alert status with GPS)

The free Visual 911+ app does several things when a disaster strikes.

Hurricane Harvey had many lessons learned, two follow:
1. Not every city or area can or will be evacuated even with prior notice of an approaching disaster.
2. Texas responder asked survivors to hang towels and/or shirts on their doors and windows to help identify people were in the building. This establishes there is a need to go one step beyond... more »


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